Invest in Bio Hotel

An Investment of US $41,667 in a fiduciary trust law, or refered to in BIO HOTEL as BIO-FID, makes one an owner of 1/300 of BIO HOTEL Organic Suites, which includes the construction, endowment, restaurants, bars and all of the common areas, and the profit that the hotel project would generate is shared amongst the investors according to the percent that each investor owns.

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How to become an investor
You as an investor can be confident in investing with BIO HOTEL Organic Suites. We have the support of Helm Bank S.A whom administer the resources during construction and during the operation of the project.

The investor can take part through a form that must be completed with the investor’s personal and financial information and can complete the purchase by signing a contract and letter of support that would make an investor a trustee of the administrative comissionof BIO HOTEL ORGANIC SUITES, along with a participation number in order to deposit the funds.

By investing in 4 or more BIO FID, you will earn a VIP member card that will entitle you as a VIP investor in BIO HOTEL, which translates to discounts and exclusive services in the hotel, you will have access to an exclusive hall for the VIP Investors as well as a one night stay every month, which is non-cummulative and is subject to room availability.



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